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Brake Overhaul



One very important area of an Aston Martin that repeatedly gets over looked is the brakes. Whether they are drums or discs they still need to be serviced and overhauled at the correct time replacing the necessary hydraulic seals within the master cylinder, servos, calipers or wheel cylinders that perish with age or heat.

In the case of the DB5, DB6 and V8 range of Aston Martins, the modern replacement master cylinder upgrade is a very good idea rather than overhauling an original unit that is beyond its serviceable life. Modern Aston Martin servo upgrades for the DB5 and DB6 are yet another way of improving the feel of the brakes and incorporating brand new tailor made items. Stainless steel flexible hoses not only improve the pedal feel of any Aston Martin but do not deteriorate in the same way as original rubber items.

Probably the greatest improvement in brakes has been the developments in brake pad material. Whilst the original specification brake pads are more than satisfactory there are a number of very well established manufacturers who can supply an assortment of upgraded pads that gives a much better all round performance. We can supply these pads for all Aston Martins from DBMKIII to V8 Range.

Trinity Engineering can also supply and fit a front brake upgrade for the V8 range and DB7i6 which includes larger diameter discs, lightweight calipers and disc bells, upgraded pads and braided stainless steel flexible hoses.

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