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Electrical Problems

Electrical Problem Resolution

One of the main areas of any car that gets completely forgotten about is the electrical circuits and components. Wiring looms, relays, solenoids and switches will only last so long before something goes wrong particularly on a car that is up to sixty years old. However little an Aston Martin is used unfortunately the electrical components will not work forever.

Just imagine how frequently we replace the electrical items around our home without batting an eyelid and then when the wiring loom on say a DB5 is so corroded that the copper will not conduct electricity anymore we wonder why.

With the ever growing list of electrical components we have fitted to our cars as either standard equipment or after market additions at some point they will probably require attention. Whether the fault is a corroded fusebox, a failed relay or a break in a wire within the wiring loom our skilled engineers carry out all repairs ‘in-house’ and can trace and rectify the fault simply and easily.

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