Air-Conditioning Servicing

Air Conditioning Service

Air-conditioning has come a long way in the last few years not only with the types of gases used but the improvements in the components available.  Legislation has a lot to do with this although ensuring we have the very latest specification equipment and staff trained in the safe handling of refrigerant means our work fulfils all criteria.

For the earlier Aston Martins from DB6 to the V8 range that would previously have used the now banned R12 we have a replacement gas which means you do not need to replace the entire air conditioning system to comply.  An environmentally safe refrigerant, modern up-to-date pumps and valves and components designed to improve safety mean that we can not only service your system thoroughly but update it and make the cold air generation more efficient.

On the later Aston Martins that use R134a and do not require improvements of the same magnitude we have full testing, charging, leak detection and pressure monitoring equipment to cover every eventuality.