When it comes to servicing your Aston Martin there is only one way to undertake this task - properly and with skilled engineers. Here at Trinity Engineering we fully understand what it takes to keep your car serviced as per the manufacturers recommendations but also to include those items we know need attention that are not on any standard service schedule.

We service all Aston Martins from DB2 to present day in the same thorough way that they were serviced from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. The Aston Martin service schedule of the day was very in-depth and required close examination and inspection to virtually every part of the car. As well as replacing the general fluids, there are very comprehensive checks with feedback to the owner as to the replacement or adjustment of worn components.

At Trinity Engineering we maintain this philosophy and service all Aston Martins in our workshops, whether it is a DB2 or a DB9 in the same way. There is no ‘ticking of boxes’ to say it’s done after only a visual inspection but in its place a full ‘top-to-toe’ investigative service based on the mileage, time and how the owner uses their car.

This way of servicing Aston Martins has been in place at Trinity Engineering since the business was first started in 1999 and has proved time and time again to be the best way to consistently maintain your car to the highest standards set down by Aston Martin themselves many years ago and highlight any unforeseen or necessary non-service related repairs.

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Routine Manufacturers Maintenance

Fault Finding and Diagnostics

Air-Conditioning Servicing

Clutch Updates and Replacements

MOT Preparation

Mechanical Recommissioning

Brake Overhaul