Braking Upgrades

Brake Upgrades

It will come as no surprise to the owner of an older Aston Martin that there has been a vast improvement in the performance of a vehicles brakes compared to the efficiency of newer technology and general driving conditions. When a DB2/4 MKI or MKIII was a current model there was an enormous difference in the volume and speed of the traffic back then to now. Many of you have experienced the scenario of fast moving traffic on a motorway when the modern car in front of you brakes very sharply and unexpectedly. There is then the concern with older specification brakes that you will be able to slow down at the same rate.

At Trinity Engineering we have a wide range of upgrades from the very straightforward to the very complex, with a broad choice of options to suit your needs and budget. Knowing how you use your car and how regularly allows us to make the right suggestions and achieve the improvements you require.

The simplest form of improvement to any Aston Martin is brake pad replacement. Modern brake pad material has advanced massively over recent years and the improvement in braking performance with little additional wear to disc surfaces is a very sensible alternative to original specification parts.

For the Feltham range of cars from DB2/4 MKI to early MKIII we offer two packages. Firstly to convert the existing front drum brakes to discs in conjunction with improving the performance of the rear drums and replacing the master cylinder to give a substantial improvement over original specification. The ultimate package includes the additional conversion of the rear drum brakes to discs and completely redesigning the handbrake mechanism.

For the DB4 we offer the fitment of improved brake calipers with larger brake discs to replace the original Dunlop pistons. Additionally boosting the brake assistance moreover dramatically improves the feel and performance of the system. For the DB5 and DB6 range the factory brake servo upgrade replacing the original units along with the new specification master cylinder means that we no longer rely upon refurbishing these components.

When it comes to improving the brakes on the V8 range from DBSV8 to X-Pack Vantage we convert the original front brake discs to larger diameter cross-drilled vented discs with four-pot calipers and higher performance brake pads. The same conversion can be carried out to the DB7 six-cylinder range to achieve an improvement in braking efficiency owners of these cars would never have thought possible. Fitting the DB7GT specification brakes to any DB7 V12 Vantage is a sensible and cost effective upgrade without any unnecessary modifications.