Chassis and Paintwork


By far the largest and most involved part of any restoration project on a DB2/4, DB4, DB5, DB6 or V8 range is the chassis work and paintwork. This is a fundamental aspect of the work that must be completed correctly and with the same principles and techniques that were employed when the car was new. Trinity Engineering has since it started restored a great number of Aston Martins in this very way.

Firstly by cutting away the lower parts of the outer aluminium sills, this exposes the extent of corrosion that needs to be rectified. This can be to the inner or outer steel sill sections, the pedal outriggers, floor pans or the very intricate layout of layered steel that go to make up the rear radius arm mountings. This corroded steelwork should all be cut away completely and replaced with new sections which are all still readily available.

Once this work is completed there is a strong base on which to repair the bodywork which would include at the very least new outer aluminium sills and door skins. The condition of the existing bodywork would determine whether small sections of localised corrosion or damage need to be replaced, or if at worst a major component such as a wing, bonnet or rear valance will be required.

The paintwork on an Aston Martin should be flawless and achieving a great finish takes time, patience and extremely skilled people. At Trinity Engineering we know only too well how to achieve these results and produce a depth of colour and shine on your Aston Martin with modern materials that will look stunning for years to come.