Electrical Enhancements

Electrical Enhancements

One area that has made the biggest difference to the way we use our cars in recent years is the electrical components now available.  There are a myriad of modifications and upgrades that Trinity Engineering now fit to Aston Martins old and present that make a huge difference on today’s roads.

One of the most popular enhancements is the fitment of parking sensors to either front or rear bumpers to make parking a safer job and eliminate unnecessary body damage.  These can be fitted to all DB7 models and New Era models where front sensors are not already specified during build.

It is no secret that on older Aston Martins the headlamps do not compare to those on modern cars.  Fitting Halogen lamps to a DB4, DB5 or DB6 instead of the original sealed beam units along with super white bulbs gives a substantial improvement in the level of night vision and can be a very cost effective upgrade.

If you own any of the DB2/4 range or a DB4 you will still be winding the windows up on your car manually.  Trinity Engineering has an upgrade to convert the existing manual mechanisms to full electric motors and can integrate the switches and mounting plates into the interior perfectly creating a period appearance. 

With so many electrical enhancements to consider it would be impossible to list them all here.  Alarms with central locking, immobilisers, heated rear windows, improved dashboard lighting, modern radios and driving lamps are just a few of the many items we regularly fit in our workshops.