Engine Rebuilds

Engine Rebuild

At the heart of every Aston Martin is a truly magnificent engine.  Over the last sixty years Aston Martin has produced a variety of engines that are powerful, smooth and visually spectacular.  They do however like every other mechanical assembly wear out due to a combination of component age and mileage.

When it comes to rebuilding your Aston Martin engine, Trinity Engineering can either return it to its original specification or include one of a range of upgrades and enhancements to achieve more power, more torque or better reliability through more modern technology.

Enlarging the engine capacity is a guaranteed way to improve power.  Converting your DB4, DB5 or DB6 to 4.2 litres achieves a noticeable improvement in performance and flexibility.  With the optional fitment of Vantage specification triple Weber carburettors it gives a distinct uplift in driveability over standard specification. 

Converting a DB2/4 to triple SU carburettors or ‘DBD’ specification during an engine rebuild produces a substantial increase in power and torque over the original twin SU set-up.  Converting a standard V8 engine to Vantage specification or beyond brings a welcome increase in performance to any V8 owner, without the need to replace the car you have known and enjoyed for many years.

Standard to every engine rebuilt by Trinity Engineering is the conversion to unleaded fuel so no more additives are required to reduce valve seat degradation.  After dismantling, cleaning, inspection and machining the meticulous reassembly carried out in our engine build shop is the only way to ensure the right result every time.

Crankshaft grinding, balancing, combustion chamber shaping, porting and precise measuring and setting up of the engine are only a few of the many processes carried out to ensure reliable performance throughout the life of your engine.