Fuel system Problems

Fuel Systems

There are many types of fuel problems that can occur on your Aston Martin from the simple to the very complicated.  Knowing what to do in the most cost effective way means that Trinity Engineering can cut out the guesswork and go straight to the issue.

The more common problems are ones such as a faulty fuel pump which will stop pumping fuel and simply needs replacement.  There may also be debris or water contamination in the tank or carburettors and this needs to be cleaned out and flushed thoroughly.  Other items such as an inoperative reserve solenoid on a DB4, DB5 or DB6 can cause problems with not picking up the last couple of gallons of fuel and leaving you stranded.

The more complicated problems such as the correct phasing of DB5 Convertible and DB6 Volante wing tanks, the over fuelling that occurs on a Virage when the emission system needs attention and most recently the replacement of split DB9 and V8 Vantage in-tank fuel pipes are all faults that we regularly see through our workshops.