Gearbox / Axle Rebuilds

Gearbox Rebuild

At some point and generally at a high mileage, transmitting the sort of power that an Aston Martin produces will mean that major mechanical components such as gearboxes and axles will eventually wear out and typically start making some very unusual noises.  At Trinity Engineering we can rebuild manual or automatic gearboxes and axles in the traditional way using all new components as necessary. 

Generally a manual gearbox refurbishment would consist of all new synchromesh cones, bearings, oil seals, shims and gaskets with a very close inspection of wear on all gears.  Gears that are beyond use would be replaced, refitting the remainder of the original items to keep the cost as sensible as possible.

Automatic gearboxes are not without their problems either.  We regularly carry out work from a simple gearbox service to tighten the brake bands and replace the transmission oil and filter to a complete refurbishment because the torque converter has failed and caused extensive damage and contamination to the internals.

When refurbishing an axle or differential unit the same process applies.  We replace the crown wheel and pinion assembly, bearings, oil seals and gaskets and carry out a thorough examination of the driveshafts for distortion where applicable.  We can change the axle ratio in the event of a transmission conversion from automatic to manual and fit a limited slip unit to improve driveability.