Handling Kits

Handling Kit

You may feel that sometimes your Classic Aston Martin may not handle as it did when you first owned it.  This could be due to a number of reasons but more generally down to tired or worn out suspension components such as springs and dampers.  The other more fundamental reason could be that if you own a modern everyday car that handles much better, you realise how far things have come in technology.

One step forward in returning your Aston Martin to superb original condition and specification is to replace any worn out or degraded suspension bushes, along with sagging or soft road springs and weak or tired dampers.  Whilst the component will generally go through an MOT test, it will give a soft or wandering ride.  A suspension overhaul is one of the more involved jobs that is rarely considered on a car that does only a couple of thousand miles a year, but the difference it makes is just incredible.

The next stage on from the original specification is to fit a handling kit comprising of uprated springs and dampers, a stronger front anti-roll bar and where possible the addition of a rear anti-roll bar where previously there was not one fitted.  We are able to supply and fit front and rear uprated anti-roll bars for most Aston Martins from DB2-DBMKIII, DB4, DB5, DB6 and V8 range including the Virage and Supercharged Vantage.  In a number of cases we also have an uprated nylon bush to substitute the original item that not only improves the handling but has a longer working life than the rubber bush it is replacing.

Finally there are improvements to the ride heights and steering geometry that can make your Aston Martin easier to drive, particularly when replacing original Crossply tyres with modern Radials.  We have a handling package for every Aston Martin from DB2 through to Vanquish and every model in-between.  On the current DB9 and V8 Vantage model range there is also a very well engineered factory upgrade that we can fit.  It is definitely worth a conversation if you want to steadily improve your Aston Martin and work out which package is best for you.