Hoods and Tonneau Covers


This is one area of trimming that is so particular to each car that every hood must be manufactured individually.  When it comes to the point of making a new hood for an older Aston Martin it has usually shrunk and generally torn visually letting the whole car down.

Once the outer hood is removed the framework of steel bars and tubes can be dismantled for stripping and repainting back to their original finish.  After reassembling and refitting this ‘skeleton’ to the car the new outer hood can be manufactured, stitched and finally fitted.  We can produce hoods from both the original ‘Everflex’ material or the later specification Mohair cloth and there are a range of colours still available to match your cars exterior perfectly.

We also manufacture Tonneau covers for the DB2/4, DB4 and DB5 convertible, the DB6 and V8 Volante and now the DB7 Volante.  This useful addition protects the trim from light rain when the hood is down and with a centre zip allows the car to be driven whilst keeping the remainder of the interior clean.