Polarity Conversions

Polarity Conversion

The ‘polarity’ or battery terminal orientation is different on older Aston Martins from the DB2 to the DBS. The term ‘positive earth’ is used to describe the way these cars are wired as opposed to ‘negative earth’, which relates to models from the V8 range onwards.

This means that modern equipment such as satellite navigation systems and mobile phone chargers cannot be plugged into a cigar lighter or auxiliary power socket without causing extensive damage to the component or in some cases the car’s wiring harness.

Other electrical enhancements, for instance car alarms or immobilisers, the latest in-car-entertainment, CD/Tuners, mobile phones MP3 players and DVD players cannot be wired into the car without the conversion to negative earth polarity taking place.

This can be easily carried out to any older Aston Martin although it does involve the replacement of a number of components on the car. Items that have either electronic internals or would work in reverse if not converted need to be changed and this would also allow electrical upgrades to be carried out at the same time such as replacing a dynamo with a higher output alternator.

Trinity Engineering has from the very beginning been a specialist in all aspects of Aston Martin electrics and electronics and has the experience, parts and tooling necessary to carry out this and many other conversions to make your car more useable in today’s technological environment.