When you finally make the decision to re-trim your Aston Martin you as an owner face a huge dilemma.  Do you entrust the work to a trim shop that covers every type of car and rely on their interpretation of how your particular car should to be trimmed, or do you use a company like Trinity Engineering who has its own dedicated ‘in-house’ trim shop and the vast database of knowledge necessary to ensure a classic or modern Aston Martin is trimmed exactly as it left the factory.

Knowing how the trim of an Aston Martin is put together is the key to this fundamental part of restoration.  Whether it is the length of the stitches within a headlining or the width and number of pleats within a front or rear seat cushion, or even the particular type of binding that should edge the Wilton carpet Trinity Engineering has the templates, equipment and experience to guarantee the right result.

Our Concours winning interiors display our vast understanding of the different materials, processes and procedures involved in ensuring every aspect of an Aston Martin interior or boot is returned to the original finish, stitch line, shape and padding with the same visual effect that was achieved when the car was new.