RHD/LHD Conversions

RHD/LHD Conversion

The great thing about an Aston Martin built between 1950 and 1989 is that it can be converted from right hand drive to left hand drive or the other way without major structural changes. Later cars are more complex and once specified in build tend to never be converted.

When cars from the DB2 through to the DB4, DB5, DB6 and Newport V8 range were being manufactured, an owner could specify whether they wanted the car for the UK market which would have been RHD, or overseas which would generally have been LHD. The design of the chassis meant that until the specification was chosen it could be built either way.

Now up to sixty years after these cars were first built you as an owner still have the choice of changing the hand of drive to suit where your car will be used. At Trinity Engineering we have carried out numerous conversions for overseas customers who have purchased RHD cars and wanted them converted to LHD to use in their home country. Converting a car from LHD to RHD it not so common however the process carried out is identical.

Whilst sadly the majority of the components required are now obsolete, Trinity Engineering has the knowledge and experience to manufacture, fabricate or machine the specialist parts required to carry out every aspect of the conversion.