Triple Carburettor Conversions

Triple Carbs

Aston Martins built from the DB2 to the DB4 were generally only fitted with two carburettors as standard equipment. In the case of the higher performance DB2/4 and DB4 models there was the optional DBD and Vantage specification which used three or ‘triple’ SU carburettors.

If no other fundamental changes to an engine are made such as cubic capacity, compression ratios, valve timing, etc, adding a third carburettor will increase the performance noticeably. From the DB5 onwards Aston Martin used this triple carburettor set up on all of their six cylinder engines using both SU and Weber components.

Trinity Engineering has converted both DB2/4 and DB4 models to both triple SU and triple Weber specifications. We are able to source or manufacture all of the parts required to replicate the original installation whether it is a manifold casting, carburettor housing or an intricate part of the throttle linkage.

Most of the time this conversion has been carried out as part of a full engine rebuild, although often as a performance upgrade only making minor changes to the engine to achieve a significant increase in performance.