Wheel Refurbishment, Alignment and Balancing


We all know that smart wheels finish off the visual appearance of any car.  That is why when one gets corroded or damaged it spoils the car completely.

Through our specialist services contacts we at Trinity Engineering can repair, refurbish, repaint and polish any Aston Martin spoked wheel whether it is stove enamelled or chromed, for a DB2/4 through to a DBS.  We can powder coat an early GKN, later BBS or Ronal wheel for any of the V8 range of cars and polish the Aluminium rims prior to lacquering.  With the much larger nineteen and twenty inch wheels used on the DB9, V8 Vantage, DBS and Virage models we are also able to invisibly repair minor scuffs to the wheel rims and spokes.

If you have ever experienced uneven front tyre wear, or when a car is pulling or drifting on a motorway the chances are that the steering geometry or wheel alignment is outside the manufacturer’s specified settings.  We have all of the necessary specialist equipment to measure and reset these angles and not forgetting the centralising of the steering wheel and indicator mechanism.

Most workshops that fit tyres do not have any specialist tooling to mount wheels correctly on modern machines and achieve precise balancing.  We have invested heavily in the latest Tecalemit tyre fitting and balancing equipment and machined our own hubs to simulate any imbalance identified on a vehicle.  Being able to reproduce the same scenario on our equipment that is present on the car means we can guarantee accuracy.